Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Not Gonna Lie, I'm Crafty

"I'm Not Gonna Lie -- I'm Crafty"  --   that's the name of the radio contest I won last week!!  The requirement was to use 50 words or less to describe your 'crafty' self.   I said "Here goes"  and  wrote ....

I LOVE crafts! …... I love to do it all --- from Jewel Jeans to stencils, sewing, painted furniture, paper crafts to calligraphy and  Baltimore Screens.  How fun to find new uses for discarded items,  and ---everything goes better with a little sparkle, glitter  jewels!! Even me! 

So today I had a fun afternoon in Baltimore with a group of women who love all kinds of crafts.   We were invited to lunch at Phillips, Inner Harbor by DJ Laurie DeYoung where we had  wonderful Maryland Crab Soup, Crabcake Sandwich and cheesecake and coffee.   Afterwards we walked the skywalk to the convention center led by WPOC Promotions Manager, Sheila Silverstein.   We were greeted by Melanie Bender Little, Show Director of the American Craft Council.  She gave us an overview of the show, VIP tickets, and great magazines.  There we spent the next several hours browsing an amazing gathering of artisans and crafters.  Each one was a wonder of creative talent ... beautiful works of art in wood, glass, fabric - each one breathtaking.  We were encouraged to chat with the artists and learn their stories - that was wonderful too.   It was an all around great day --- thank you Laurie DeYoung, and WPOC!

The Crafty Winners!

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