Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Garden Glass

Garden glass ornaments  are now my new favorite craft -----
and I bet you'll fall in love with them too.
Let me show you a few 'lessons' I learned along the way ....
Here's my table of cast off glass, just waiting for the right inspiration.

this one ends with a bowl so small birds and butterflies will have water

There are no limits to creativity ...
---saucers, stemware, bowls and lids--
let your imagination run wild

any combination of colors and shapes can work
Here's a pleasing combination of clear and textured glass--
made with vases, ashtrays, dessert dish, candle holder

and look at this elegant tower -
vase, saucer, mercury glass votive, candy dish,
candle holder and stray lid

--My last piece of advice is to work with a buddy,
an extra pair of hands can prevent a lot of casualties

Fortunately, this piece can be reconstructed
and we have learned a valuable lesson ...

'Trial and Error' --- the best teacher of ALL!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden Glass Project # 1

I have a love of all things glass.  It is my weakness, and I'm drawn to it at vintage shops, flea markets, and high end crystal - plus stained glass, colored marbles, and on and on -- I love the way light shines through glass ...

On a recent thrift store shopping trip I found this glass bowl ...

I thought ... hmmmmm......
wonder if I could turn this into a gazing ball?

This might be just the ticket ...

I covered it in paper and cut a hole through the top

While I was at it I sprayed a little pink glass cup too
Just to see what it would do
I think they are both great

I havent found just the right spot in my garden yet ...
but until I do, I think it looks great on the steps...

Now .... what can I do with this yard sale lamp??
Any ideas??