Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm Not Gonna Lie, I'm Crafty

"I'm Not Gonna Lie -- I'm Crafty"  --   that's the name of the radio contest I won last week!!  The requirement was to use 50 words or less to describe your 'crafty' self.   I said "Here goes"  and  wrote ....

I LOVE crafts! …... I love to do it all --- from Jewel Jeans to stencils, sewing, painted furniture, paper crafts to calligraphy and  Baltimore Screens.  How fun to find new uses for discarded items,  and ---everything goes better with a little sparkle, glitter  jewels!! Even me! 

So today I had a fun afternoon in Baltimore with a group of women who love all kinds of crafts.   We were invited to lunch at Phillips, Inner Harbor by DJ Laurie DeYoung where we had  wonderful Maryland Crab Soup, Crabcake Sandwich and cheesecake and coffee.   Afterwards we walked the skywalk to the convention center led by WPOC Promotions Manager, Sheila Silverstein.   We were greeted by Melanie Bender Little, Show Director of the American Craft Council.  She gave us an overview of the show, VIP tickets, and great magazines.  There we spent the next several hours browsing an amazing gathering of artisans and crafters.  Each one was a wonder of creative talent ... beautiful works of art in wood, glass, fabric - each one breathtaking.  We were encouraged to chat with the artists and learn their stories - that was wonderful too.   It was an all around great day --- thank you Laurie DeYoung, and WPOC!

The Crafty Winners!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Love to Dance!

I love to dance -- and there's nothing better than line dancing at the Senior Center.   I had the pleasure of being 'guest teacher' this week at the Senior Center in my hometown.  These lovely women - and Arthur - are full of life and make for a fun-filled morning.  We had a good time dancing and laughing -- one woman likes to dance to "drinking songs"  - her favorite dance is Drinking Champagne.   The woman in her 90's loves to play tennis, and does so regularly.  One woman likes dances with a little wiggle - probably because she has the best wiggle of us all!   And Arthur loves all the women - and we love him.    It's been a while since I taught dance - so I said we all stumbled through it together.   Actually, we did pretty well - learned a new cha-cha - and danced to our old favorites.  Thank you, ladies (and Arthur:) for inviting me to lead the group this week.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hurry Up, Spring!!!

One of the few times we welcome rain is when it could have been snow instead.  So the temperatures hovering about 40 last night and today have brought us a much welcomed rain.  The bonus of which is watching our snow steadily disappear!  This morning in town it was very clear which side of the street gets the sun - because the other side had 3 times more snow!!  We are starting to see patches of ground peek through the snow, and the geese are taking advantage of a new supply of food to get them ready for their long trek home.   Although its still about 70% snow, 30% ground - we feel the promise of spring around the corner.   The weather man warns us that more winter weather will visit us before Spring makes a permanent landing -- but ........ daylight savings times comes in two weeks   --- Spring cant be far behind.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small Town USA

I REALLY do live in a small town ..... while at the gym this morning I was approached by no less than 3 people congratulating me on winning the trip to Singapore. I was surprised they had seen the show yesterday, because it was pre-empted by the Olympics in this area. NO...... they didnt see the show. One heard the news in the grocery store, one found out at the shoe store (where the whole town buys their newspapers) and the other got the good news at the coffee shop!! Now, THAT is small town America - LOVE IT!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


OK -- so now we can shout it to the world!!
My BIG news was revealed on the Martha Show today - February 19 --- I won a trip to SINGAPORE --- WOW, It's still hard to believe. Here's our group giving a toast to Martha - and a great big Thank You! And another big thank you to my daughter for hosting brunch today, for taking care of the 'techno' part that allowed us to view without commercials - and thank you to all my friends for coming to share this fun moment with me.

I'm currently working with the travel agent from Singapore Board of Tourism to plan the trip. My friend, Eileen, will be joining me - and we think we'll travel in August or September. I'll be sure to let you know!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Countdown is ON!

Just about 16 hours from right now ....... I will be having brunch at my daughter's house with a group of friends she invited to watch the Martha Stewart Show with us!!! How exciting. My BIG news will be revealed -I'm so excited. I can think of no better celebration than being with my daughter and a group of long time dear friends. We'll be having quiche, salad, crudites, spinach balls - and brownies and coffee! Best of all, we'll be having lots of hugs and plenty of smiles!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As I huddle myself inside, trying to stay warm while viewing mountains of snow outside - I am also working on a "mountain" of business ideas. Because I feel strongly that my Jewel Jeans are perfect to wear on stage, I am trying to find a way to present them to those people who regularly appear on stage -- MUSIC STARS and MOVIE STARS!!

I have poured over internet info about getting products placed into celebrity gift bags. I am collecting a "mountain" of email addresses, phone numbers, and Agent/PR addresses. Now ... to find just the right way to present my denim brand. I'm working on beautiful note cards with a glossy photo collage of jean designs, denim bookmarks, sunglass cases - and post cards. I've also ordered a supply of denim tote bags to embellish - some for sale, and some to send as a promotional item to selected celebrities!!

Wish me luck -- wouldn't it be so much fun to see my jeans on somebody like... Halle Berry? Kellie Pickler or Carrie Underwood? Miley Cyrus? Rachel Ray? Kelly Ripa?? If you know anyone, be sure to put me in touch :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Art Classes are such FUN!!

I wasnt sure I could make it home from the beach, considering all the snow they had in Maryland. But when I woke up Friday morning to a forecast of 3 inches of snow at the Beach, I knew I HAD to make it home. If they got 3 inches, I'd be snowed in for another 3 days!

I was ready to come home and my husband was lonesome. Luckily, I had no trouble whatsoever. I didnt see solid snow on the ground until I reached the Maryland line. Salisbury had a good bit of snow, Cambridge even more, and Easton more. When I turned north on 213 there was even more!! Still, the roads were clear all the way to my driveway - and I was so thankful!!

Art class at the Beach was just great. Everybody arrived - although 3 were one day late because of weather. We painted wonderful projects -- black-eyed susans on Monday, colorful boats on Tuesday, a storefront with striped awning and cottage garden on Wednesday and roses on Thursday. Everyone's finished piece was just beautiful! Ros is a pleasure to be with and a great teacher to learn from. The group rekindled old friendships and made many new ones. The restaurant took good care of us, and the meals were yummy. The hotel provided all we needed - comfortable beds, coffee in the room, warm pool to counter the snow and cold outside, and a place to call home for our stay. Thank you Oceanfront Inn, and thank you Neptune's Restaurant!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paralyzing Snow!!! Really??

I've been watching the forecasts all day - in between packing my suitcase and packing my car - to prepare for the art class in Va Beach. My first plan was to let the snow come and then travel after the roads had been cleared - assuming that the beach would only get rain. But as the predictions became heavier and earlier a little panic started to set in.

I stepped up my preparations..... sorted out my warmest clothes, got my snow boots ready (and my dancing boots, too - just in case) and started loading the car today while the sun was still shining. I loaded in the tee shirts, aprons (to paint on), all my paints, brushes, supplies, the goodie bags, and door prizes. I have 10 shop lights 4 feet long that I hang in the art room plus several bags full of miscellaneous supplies, ranging from tape to glitter! I'm all set...

So I'm getting up at the crack of dawn and setting out on my trip --- I think this is going to be an adventure we will all remember for a looonngg time - wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to Reality

Try as I might, I cannot push the Martha Stewart adventure to the back of my mind so I can get on with 'real life'. How lucky can a girl be?

But ... Virginia Beach art class is quickly approaching, and there are many details to check and double-check before I pack the car. Plus - Old Man Winter hasnt finished with us yet - we are scheduled to get another snow this afternoon - that's on top of the 6-8 inches we got on Saturday!! AND ......... another snow is scheduled at the end of the week. Who would believe that Virginia would get so much snow in such a short time?? I'm keeping my eye on the reports - and getting EVERY thing ready in case I need to dash off and beat the snow. Hubby and his faithful dog will hold down the fort at home.

Art classes at the Beach are really special. Many folks come year after year and we have a great reunion while painting super new projects with Ros. There are always a few new faces (new to me - they usually know Ros) to welcome into our group, get to know, and have fun with. Despite the paperwork, many emails, and all the parts that go into planning these classes (I dont know HOW Larry did so many) -- I just love doing it - and love even more being with the group and, especially, painting with Ros.

Cross your fingers the weather man is wrong this time -- and no wearing your pj's inside out!!!