Friday, February 26, 2010

Love to Dance!

I love to dance -- and there's nothing better than line dancing at the Senior Center.   I had the pleasure of being 'guest teacher' this week at the Senior Center in my hometown.  These lovely women - and Arthur - are full of life and make for a fun-filled morning.  We had a good time dancing and laughing -- one woman likes to dance to "drinking songs"  - her favorite dance is Drinking Champagne.   The woman in her 90's loves to play tennis, and does so regularly.  One woman likes dances with a little wiggle - probably because she has the best wiggle of us all!   And Arthur loves all the women - and we love him.    It's been a while since I taught dance - so I said we all stumbled through it together.   Actually, we did pretty well - learned a new cha-cha - and danced to our old favorites.  Thank you, ladies (and Arthur:) for inviting me to lead the group this week.

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