Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blue Bubbles!

There's nothing quite like a trip to the ocean in March ... 
the days are starting to get longer and the sun shines brighter ...
 some days are even downright WARM!

Beth and I love to welcome students to the Beach!  

Day One is full of  'one of a kind'  inspiration --

Read lots more about Design Day HERE

DecoArt sent us some fun stencils to use on our 
Travel the World Project

As we got started it was clear that individual personality
 and color choices
 would make this very personal for each student...

 Here we have a turquoise bike....

and a pretty blue bike.....

a bold red bike .....

and very personalized cargo in this basket !!

Here's just  a taste of the variety .... 
from words, colors and backgrounds ....
 to the personal items in the basket --
 Beth encourages everyone to make it their very own!
..... and they certainly did!!

getting started on Sunflowers and Apples ...

This mixed media project allowed color options too ...
Choices in the decopage papers  and color of frames
 meant each student could customize this for themselves!
dramatic background, beautiful stamps and stencils...
adding a few blue accents to make this blue frame pop!
Individual expression in the backgrounds, frames, stamps and stencils!!
Sandi, Susan, and Debbie show off their beautiful projects!

The Big Fish was one of our favorites of the week ...
from soft  .... to bold ... to bubbles
Karen, Jan, Sandy and Sue have a lot to be proud of !
More big smiles, happy fish ....
and  alternate color choices ...

We took a break at lunch time on this sunny day
 - to blow some bubbles, take a group photo - 
and watch the whales!! 

It was just like recess! 
Recess is over -- back to class :)

 It was fun to switch from painting to crafts on Thursday night ...
We took advantage of being at the beach to make a seashell keepsake!
A bit of a learning curve on the resin product ......
we found two different kinds of success ...

We learned the process and now know how to do it at home ..


We loved the new Vintage Effect Wash from DecoArt!!   They were such fun to use!!
Big Thank You to DecoArt for letting us try them...
We also loved the Travel Words stencil from DecoArt !!

We started our last day by playing with Vintage Effect Wash for background colors --
We were so happy with the lovely soft blends ..
These truly are "Ocean Jewels" 

All week we had this magnificent view -- 
from our bedrooms,
and the art room
The ocean never disappoints ... from sunny breaking waves
and one glorious sunrise after another ...
mysterious morning sky
multicolor horizons
and the promise of another beautiful day ...

Here's a look at all the door prize winners from this week
and Diane 

Each morning found us practicing roses
more practice ....
if you want to paint beautiful roses
it take a lot of practice :)

every sunrise is a sight to behold

 On our last day we were treated to this beautiful sky!
The structure in the foreground will be a tent for the runners of the Shamrock Marathon


 and one more little treat during our week ...... the Navy Seals happened to run by!!!
(we wanted to invite them in - but they were gone before we knew it )


That's a wrap for the Beth Wagner Seminar AT THE BEACH 2017!  
 If you want to join us next year registration opens April 2,  2017  ....
 you will find forms at .... Seating is limited .


From the first light on DESIGN DAY something special is in the air..

Donna started her table design inspriration with a napkin
from her recent retirement party!   
What a wonderful memory!

This group photo shows so many creative ideas 
It's a lot of fun to see each person's ideas come to life!

From horses, to seahorses, to flowers ...
Everyone gets to express themselves on Design Day

Sandy's beautiful keepsake box is going to be a treasure for her family!

Good friends Debbie and Susan put their own
style into these little accent tables ...

Kathy took an old family sled, used a photo inspiration
and turned it into a great Winter decoration
Beth helped with a few finishing touches

Barb used a thrift store globe for her inspiration
and turned it into an incredible one of a kind design!

Barb and Diane with their finished projects!
So much individuality here
It's hard to tell that Diane's 'shutter' is actually a flat piece of wood!

Sandy's  box features a beautiful background 
with stamped, stenciled and painted designs..
Karen used paint, stencils and decoupage
for her sweet accent table!
Beth and Karen .... cut, glue, decoupage .... and paint !

Diane shows how a flat wooden surface can become
three dimensional with skilled artful design

Carolyn, Karen and Jan
Beautiful projects, beautiful smiles!

Jan is stepping outside her traditional box

to create this whimsical little table...
Lucky granddaughter to be receiving this!!

Sue starts with an ordinary table with a black basecoat
and turns it into a modern original masterpiece!!

It's very clear  ..
 everyday AT THE BEACH
is a great day !!

 DESIGN DAY with Beth Wagner
brings out the best in us!

if you want to join us contact
for more info