Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lucky # 7

Can it really be seven years already?  
I guess they are right when they say 'time flies when you're having fun'
Seven short years ago - November 2008 -
marks the first class I organized for Ros Stallcup.  
 And, yes, I've been having fun ever since.  
This year was the best ever - well ... I say that every class -
because it's true every class..  Each one is the best ever!!

I'm soooo  lucky .... to work with Ros ... to paint great projects ... and to spend time at the beach with this great group of women!  I look forward to every class - and to every person who comes to join us..

 the pictures say it all...
making great art - and great friendships ..
 traveling from far ... yes, Canada is far

 The Ohio girls made friends with the girl from Maine
 Mother and Daughter get to spend the week together,
and keep up with friends from previous classes.
 Ros makes sure we all get great instructions,
and a bit of personal attention ..

It is definitely a highlight of the week when Larry comes to visit.   He brings the 'treasures' and the silent auction begins!  It wouldn't be the same without him :)
 Another Mother/Daughter team meets at the art class for a chance to spend time together -- 
and hang out with some old friends
 There are serious moments - Catherine is deep in concentration -
Looks like she's on a mission to complete 10,000 items..
(OK - maybe just a tad less than 10,000 :) 
 We love our art friends
 We love making new friends
 Mother and Daughter..
These two had a lot of laughs this week ..
 Showing off their talents ..
Miss Brenda Lee ... 
we are wishing you smooth sailing in your quest for renewed health ..
 A week full of smiles from everyone
 New friends from PA
 Their long drive was worth it -- they had a great week..
 Group dinner was one to remember -
We had lots of time to visit and chat ..
Next time we'll order ahead :)
Look at this beautiful winter scene!! 
We lost one of our own this year....
Miss Frances, we will miss you dearly,
we miss your sweet smiles, your humorous ways,
your talented painting, and your warm generous heart ... RIP

In sun and in clouds, the beach is a powerful beauty ...
I'm always sad to say goodbye to this ocean week,
and always looking forward to the next one ..

If you want to come paint with Ros and Brenda At the Beach,
visit my website ..
We'd love to have you :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's a Party!

Have you heard about the new Painting Parties??  Did you know you can have your own - right in your own home (or business) ??  These parties are springing up everywhere - and, no wonder, they are such fun! It's a new kind of ‘home party’  sweeping the nation!  Social Artworking parties are the PERFECT way to enjoy time  with your family, friends and co-workers!! 
 NO experience needed - total beginners can do this!

Just look at what fun they are - and what great paintings!!

Owls are fun --- and each person made them their own !

These girls added their own style to their painting !  And they are sooooo cute !! (yes, the girls AND the paintings)  

 These bright sunflowers were a fundraiser for Relay for Life!
Good job, Ladies!

We’ll start with a blank canvas. I provide ALL the supplies!! After a few hours of laughter and painting fun (a little food and drink) you & your guests have a unique work of art – Something you created yourself!!!   

 Yellow Sunflowers!
The perfect way to say goodbye to summer, and get back to school..

I have everything you need for success – canvas, brushes, paints, design patterns And INSTRUCTION  --- all easy enough for beginners.  NO painting experience necessary!  All you do is invite your friends and provide refreshments.

we all start with the same design - then each person's personality comes through ... 

Proud as Peacocks!   And they should be ....  this group had a friendly competition - and they are ALL winners!

Lots of designs to choose - check them out at

Pick your favorite then contact me at
to book your own fabulous party!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Don't Make Me Choose

They say 'variety is the spice of life' -- it cetainly is for me when it comes to my art!  YES, I do like many different expressions of art - and NO, I don't want to choose just a few.  Brenda Star Studios is a broad name....meant to be broad enough to support the many different ways I want to express my artistic side. 

 Here are just a few of my favorites....

JEWELED JEANS .... Jeweled Jeans light up my world.  They add a little 'bling' to ordinary jeans, they sparkle and shine, and they lift my spirits whenever I wear them  -- or whenever I create them for someone else.  The combinations of colors and patterns are endless - I'll never run out of ways to add glitter in my life!

These fun glass creations also add sparkle and shine -- to your garden, table top, mantle, hearth, patio -- or anywhere else you display them.   They catch the light and break it into rainbows.   They can be used inside or outside.  Is there a better way to recycle items that are about to be discarded?   I dont think so!!!

There are a million ways you can use color and texture  with glass! It will sparkle in the sun, shed the rain - or be just as beautiful inside on your table - for any occasion from family dinner to fancy party.   It makes a great 'anchor' for balloons for your celebrations.

You can nestle this recycled art among your shrubs and flowers for a little 'bling' in your garden.  They can also add an unexpected hint of glamour to any room.

Baltimore Screens have a rich history as a unique folk art tradition - found only in Baltimore.   It started in 1913, when William Oktavec painted the screens of his produce store.  He soon found himself painting screens for many of his neighbors. They were the ideal thing for privacy - since the people walking by could only see the beautiful paintings - but those inside could see out perfectly well. The  most popular design was a pastoral scene including a red-roofed cottage, lots of flowers, and always a pond with swans!!

Baltimore Painted Screens saw their highest popularity from the 1920's to the 1940's, with as many as 100,000 screens throughout the East Baltimore neighborhoods of Highlandtown and Canton.  Today it is enjoying a renewed and growing popularity.  There are several artists keeping the tradition alive, while making it fresh by adding their own styles - and teaching classes to make sure it carries on to the next generation.

There you have it!!  A few of my favorite arts....  there's a lot more ... but I'll save that for another time.  Let me know what you think ...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer Camp 2014

Did you love summer camp as a kid?   I sure did, and just because I've reached a 'certain age' is no reason I can't enjoy it all over again.   HA!  Every summer since retirement my friend, Becky, has come to stay a week with me.   It's a magical week because we are as carefree as we were when we were kids.  It's a week  full of all our favorite things ... crafts, shopping, travel, cooking (well, mostly eating:), new ideas for the house, and lots of late night talks.  We call these weeks our Summer Camp.  So here's a few peeks into our fun from this year ...
We took a little trip to Atlantic City - by way of Lewes, DE and a ferry ride to Cape May, NJ

Atlantic City was just what we were looking for -- bright lights, noisy casinos, fancy new hotels to tour,  walks on the boardwalk, views of the ocean - and good food!
Did I mention we like to eat?

Who knew a little bag of concrete could be so much fun! We made fire pots and stepping stones - decorated with flat marbles and flowers 
(I mean shards of broken mirror and glass)

On the last day we found time for one more project - fun painting - the Social Artworking way!!

Our favorite candy shop - Edie's Bees, in Lewes, DE - will have to wait til next year!
We'll probably spend the whole day here!

We pack a lot of fun into these short weeks!   
I LOVE it - and look forward to it every year!
Thanks, Becky, for a life long friendship!

P.S.   We are already working on ideas for next year :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

At the Beach with Beth

Another great week At the Beach !   
Every year in March we get to spend a week with Beth Wagner guiding us into our most creative self. The week starts with everyone bringing a personal piece and a bit of inspiration - then Beth helps us develop it into a 'one of a kind' work of art.   Each piece is totally different and we get to contribute our ideas to each other as a group.  It's always a fun day full of synergy and creativity!

The rest of the week we all work on the same projects -
designed and taught by Beth.   
This year we were treated to a BEACHY WATERCOLOR on Tuesday


Thursday's project was a HYDRANGEA COLLAGE

(Miss Opal turned 98 this year!)

and we closed the week on Friday with our

 It is such fun to step outside the typical painting class and 'mix it up'!
Everyone does the same projects, but we add our personal touches -- 
so that makes each one different!!!

The weather was typical of  March like a Lion
--snow, rain, wind, grey and cold --
but we made the best of it.
On Monday we were snowed in and had a group pizza dinner.  

 On Tuesday one of our classmates taught us beaded jewelry making.   She made sure we would all be successful by the assortment of beads she packaged.   There was such a wide variety - everyone found something that 'spoke' to them and we all ended up with a beautiful necklace.  All the money collected went to benefit the Wounded Warriors project - our girls were very generous too - we raised over $300 while we were having fun.  Thanks girls, you ROCK!

Sometimes our special friends stop by to visit --Beth and I enjoyed seeing Ros Stallcup.
Ros teaches our classes At the Beach in Feb and Nov.
 It was fun to have her - and her friend Clera -  join us for lunch! 

We have a door prize drawing every day -- 
and the winners are so happy ... they are our Queen for the day... here are just a couple ...

We work hard in class,  we turn out wonderful finished pieces --
 but along the way there's plenty of time to renew old friendships, make new friends,
 and share some  family time --
 here's just a few pictures to prove it ..

We always end the week with a group picture - to keep the memories alive --

 and a group dinner - for time to talk about the week and how much fun we had -
because, you can be sure, we want to do it again!!

Would love to hear your comments on 
what you think is the best part of the week!

Beth and I would love for you to join us next year!

 Contact me at
for more information and registration forms