Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As I huddle myself inside, trying to stay warm while viewing mountains of snow outside - I am also working on a "mountain" of business ideas. Because I feel strongly that my Jewel Jeans are perfect to wear on stage, I am trying to find a way to present them to those people who regularly appear on stage -- MUSIC STARS and MOVIE STARS!!

I have poured over internet info about getting products placed into celebrity gift bags. I am collecting a "mountain" of email addresses, phone numbers, and Agent/PR addresses. Now ... to find just the right way to present my denim brand. I'm working on beautiful note cards with a glossy photo collage of jean designs, denim bookmarks, sunglass cases - and post cards. I've also ordered a supply of denim tote bags to embellish - some for sale, and some to send as a promotional item to selected celebrities!!

Wish me luck -- wouldn't it be so much fun to see my jeans on somebody like... Halle Berry? Kellie Pickler or Carrie Underwood? Miley Cyrus? Rachel Ray? Kelly Ripa?? If you know anyone, be sure to put me in touch :)

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