Thursday, November 17, 2016

November Summer

November At The Beach can show us a wide range of weather ...   
but this year ....
 from the first sunrise to the last we had a beautiful 'summer' week!

Mr. TopHat stands ready to greet all visitors.  
 He makes me feel welcome.  
 Although he was away for a few years getting spruced up -
 I'm happy to see him back.   
I think he's gorgeous!

Art class is about .... well, art .... but also so much more.   
It's great family time for this mother/daughter group!

The great friendship between these two shows in their happy smiles ...

These friends are happy to be At The Beach ....
 and working on some beautiful art projects too!!

Taking a break from their painting to give me a nice smile !

In their first class At The Beach
 this sister/friend group is having a great time!

Yes, this group should be proud of their paintings ....
 they did a great job!
 Beautiful Ladies!

Beautiful hydrangeas bring happy smiles ... 
Thanks, Rob for joining our group !

Life long friends join with new friends -- 
all painting beautiful hydrangeas!

Every day we have a door prize -- Rob was the winner on this day!

And Gail was the winner on this day!  

Everyone loved the snowy barn!   Fun new project!

Of course these ladies are smiling ....
 just look at their beautiful paintings!

A flirty little tutu makes a very fun project!   
This was so fun to watch it come to life!

Our whole group with the beautiful ocean as the background!
Blue was the color of the week ....
 blue shirts and sunny blue skies !

Our farewell sunrise --
 promising to be just as beautiful when we return next year!

And King Neptune ... in all his majesty!!

If you would like to join us for next year, send an email to  ...
 registration for October 23-26, 2017  opens November 28, 2016
We look forward to next year !   Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Free As The Wind

March in VA Beach...                               
Sunflowers for the week !   Prizes and gifts for everyone

Sharing laughter with friends, showing our great projects ... 
from unique ideas on 'Design Day',
 to Roses, Sunflowers, and Cottage Gardens
Even our fruit platter had sunflowers!
Sunny day -- Sunny week!
Cottage Gardens were a challenge for small details ...
 focus and attention to detail brought us beautiful finished pieces!
Beth shines in the classroom --
 giving instruction, sharing tips and advice,
 and guiding us all to success
Connecting with old friends .... making wonderful new friends ...
Silver and Gold
Sharing our last night at dinner ---
 relaxing, reflecting on the week ... 
and making plans for next year!!
Mother Nature gave us a week of glorious sunrises ... 
each one better than the last!!

And our last day of class was To Dye For Scarves ... 
we had a blast being creative,
 casting all cares aside ... letting our spirits fly along with the scarves ... 

We would love to have you join us next year !
 brendastarstudios@yahoo  for more information

Fabulous February

February At The Beach is a very special time ....
 especially when the weather gives us a 70 degree day ...
 and the company is just as special !!
We always start our week with a little gift -- everyone likes getting something unexpected and fun !   And each day one person wins the 'door prize'  -- she is our 'STAR' for the day :)

You will see big smiles all week long -- 
because our projects are beautiful,
 and the teacher is fun!
Sharing laughs - along with expert instruction ---
Finished pieces to be proud of !
Our winners for the week -- crown and all !!

Beautiful girls of the sea .... mermaids are special !
Our group .... included a few extra special friends this year ... Bob - who sat quietly in the room, with a cheerful greeting, and helpful attitude to all -- and Bobbi - who we have enjoyed knowing so many years during her time at the front desk ... 
She's off to enjoy retirement - travel and family - 
we wish her well!
Ros and I are happy to see each one of you At The Beach!!  
We enjoy our week with you so much!

Time to say goodbye  ... until next year!!   
We would love to have you  join us!
brendastarstudios@yahoo   .. for more information 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dressed Up Dresser

There is nothing I like more than finding something old that is badly in need of a little love ... especially if it can be a new functional piece of furniture in my house!!  Last Christmas we got a new - bigger -TV for our bedroom.   Since then I've been looking for just the right piece to serve as theTV stand.  I had a few requirements ... it had to have completely straight lines - the top could not overhang the sides.  It had to be between 50" and 60".  Fortunately, I found just the right thing!

I used my Caromal Colours paints and mixed to make a custom color turquoise - then  'washed' it with a darker teal glaze.  I painted the hardware too - I didnt want it to stand out.    I used elements from an 'all over wall stencil' and just picked the parts I liked best.    I wanted the white to be a 'whisper' and not appear too bold.    I'm really happy with the results.   This was an inexpensive IKEA cabinet and a thrift store dresser.   I painted a the IKEA pieces before I assembled it -- much easier!  One more probject  DONE!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

November Fall Fun !

November Fall Fun ....

At The Beach !!

Ros and I always have a great time with each other 
and all our painting friends. 
The beginning of November every year -- 
 you will find me AT THE BEACH with Ros  Stallcup.  
Ever  since 2008 I have had the good fortune to host a week with Ros in Virginia Beach. 
What a great place to be with a great teacher!

Ros brings her happy smile to every class -- 
and she sets the tone for a great week!  
We love getting a little surprise!  A gift for everyone --
 just to let you know how much we love having you with us ..
 Friends from North Carolina --- get some fun time together painting 
At The Beach ...  

Here Mother and Daughters get to have a whole week together -
 painting, laughing - and smiling for the camera !!

 The NJ girls paint beautifully 
and had a great time together in VA Beach!
More sisters (in-law) having fun !!

Everyone is having a great time together --
 and Ros is lending her helping hand to our projects!!

Friends --- looking like they have something to hide !!  
Wonder what it could be?

Our lovely Canadian girls bring fresh air and smiles to our class - 
we love spending the week with them !
New faces and old friends alike, we have a great group At The Beach!
The lessons are fun, the projects are beautiful -
 and the friendships are priceless!

Green  was definitely the color of the week --
 from shirts to glitter to special meanings!!
and weather nice enough for a photo in front of the ocean!!    Love it!!
So long - dear ocean -- until we meet again (next year for sure :) !