Saturday, February 13, 2010

Art Classes are such FUN!!

I wasnt sure I could make it home from the beach, considering all the snow they had in Maryland. But when I woke up Friday morning to a forecast of 3 inches of snow at the Beach, I knew I HAD to make it home. If they got 3 inches, I'd be snowed in for another 3 days!

I was ready to come home and my husband was lonesome. Luckily, I had no trouble whatsoever. I didnt see solid snow on the ground until I reached the Maryland line. Salisbury had a good bit of snow, Cambridge even more, and Easton more. When I turned north on 213 there was even more!! Still, the roads were clear all the way to my driveway - and I was so thankful!!

Art class at the Beach was just great. Everybody arrived - although 3 were one day late because of weather. We painted wonderful projects -- black-eyed susans on Monday, colorful boats on Tuesday, a storefront with striped awning and cottage garden on Wednesday and roses on Thursday. Everyone's finished piece was just beautiful! Ros is a pleasure to be with and a great teacher to learn from. The group rekindled old friendships and made many new ones. The restaurant took good care of us, and the meals were yummy. The hotel provided all we needed - comfortable beds, coffee in the room, warm pool to counter the snow and cold outside, and a place to call home for our stay. Thank you Oceanfront Inn, and thank you Neptune's Restaurant!!

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  1. Brenda I love the paintings. I don't know which photo I like better - snow or beach.
    Debbie Maddy