Monday, February 28, 2011

BFF - Priceless!!!

I count my lucky stars for all the friends in my life!     and I think its pretty cool that I've had lots of these friends for a loooooonnngg, loooonnnggg time ---- but there's only one who's been my friend for 50 years!! 

Even though we have lived in different states for 40 years, we have always taken the time to keep in close touch.   Years ago that meant letters - sometimes 10-15 pages long - and, more recently, emails nearly every day -- but there's nothing like a little face time.   So, on the spur of the moment, we took a day off and each drove halfway to meet for lunch and a nice long chat.   Time spent with her is ..... priceless!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Flowers

Punxsutawney Phil said we would have an early spring this year.   Well, even so, I cant wait for flowers in the garden .....   So I designed a Spring Flower Tote -----
to tide me over until the real thing shows up.
and another - just for good measure
(same design, really - just a slight variation)

The flowers are pale yellow, pink and lavendar
The paint is dimensional and textured - with glitter and jewels
OF Course!
These will soon be available for purchase on my website
They are 100% cotton, dark denim - 15 x 16"
with shoulder strap handles

Keep thinking SPRING!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowflakes and Paint Brushes

We woke up Thursday to a blanket of snow
It wasnt a lot of snow, just enough to close schools --

no matter ... we were cozy and happy in our paint room ..

Couldnt leave without a group photo ---
thanks to Paige and Caroline for handling all those cameras!!

and its fun to have a special photo with Ros
When the room is clean and all the paints are put away,
It's time to have a great meal, a toast to reunion with old friends

and, of course, we love having Larry with us

and another wonderful week with Ros

THANK YOU, Ros, for all you teach us!!\
We love you..

Jackhammers Cant Stop Us!

Wednesday was a great day! --- Jackhammers, and all.....

Ros shouted a little louder

We listened a little harder

We had a lot of laughs,
We may have had some headaches, or the jitters, but ....
At the end of the day we still had great projects!
..........and a story to tell :)



Sometimes we need a little extra help,
   and sometimes we just smile with our friends ...

Happy Hearts & Painting

The beginning of a beautiful sunrise .....
We started the second day with some hearts and flowers ...
because everybody loves pretty gifts .....

But then we got down to some serious painting ---

with beautiful results

We just love it when it all comes together!!!!

Happy Painters - Day One

Virginia Beach greeted us with a day of sun for the start of this year's art class.

We had a totally fun day - painting a meadow garden with Ros

Heavy concentration, and lots of smiles - makes a great day - great finished project

No wonder they are all smiles .....
Look at those beautiful gardens!!!!

Some of the Virginia girls ...
so lovely - the paintings and the ladies!!

and here are our Carolina cuties!!

It was a great first day! 

Now to prep for tomorrow and get a good night's sleep:)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Winners!

Congratulations to Anna and Myra --- you are BOTH winners!!   

I'll be sending your tote bags out this week.     Thanks for following my blog, and for commenting ....