Saturday, August 27, 2011

Creating Jeweled Jeans - step one

Jeweled Jeans has moved to the next level!!
I was thrilled when my friend, Marie, offered to host a
'Jeweled Jeans' party!!

She set up the most beautiful party ---
with yummy food, and sparkling drinks ..

Lots of friends came..
 bringing a pair of jeans with them...

We ate and drank... talked and laughed ...
They looked, touched, and chatted about all the samples I brought...
and then chose their favorite design...

I took them all home to 'create'

Today (Hurricane Irene) was the perfect day to work on this project.
I set up a work table in my living room....

Now all the designs are patterned :) Whew!
----step one is done----

In step two the jewels are added .....
can't wait to show you that!!!

glass, glass, more glass

I told you I was biten by the bug!!
(some of my friends are throwing around the word 'obsessed')
these are just a few of the pieces I'm working with ...
some of these are finished --
and some are still under construction ..

A little angel to watch over your garden ..

or a tall piece, with a little color to add  sparkle ...
they'd look great in any garden!!

(I'm finished - for now:)

Fancy Garden Glass

Yes, MORE garden glass...
I have really been biten by this bug!

I spent a weekend in VA with my BFF...
We shopped all the thrift stores ..
for GLASS, of course

These little ones with the blue ruffle tops are hose guides for her garden
They will go onto a stake in the ground to make them sturdy.
No one will have cuter hose guides!!

here is my project -- just a bit of color for the garden...

I'm not finished yet ... stay tuned