Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hurry Up, Spring!!!

One of the few times we welcome rain is when it could have been snow instead.  So the temperatures hovering about 40 last night and today have brought us a much welcomed rain.  The bonus of which is watching our snow steadily disappear!  This morning in town it was very clear which side of the street gets the sun - because the other side had 3 times more snow!!  We are starting to see patches of ground peek through the snow, and the geese are taking advantage of a new supply of food to get them ready for their long trek home.   Although its still about 70% snow, 30% ground - we feel the promise of spring around the corner.   The weather man warns us that more winter weather will visit us before Spring makes a permanent landing -- but ........ daylight savings times comes in two weeks   --- Spring cant be far behind.

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