Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lovely Lettering

Oh so many years ago I took some calligraphy classes and have enjoyed lettering envelopes for brides and fancy parties ever since.   But my love of beautiful handwriting is much older than that.  My friend, Becky, and I have been styling our lettering since way back in high school, where we'd meet  in between classes and marvel at each other's newest designs.  And, guess what ....?  She does calligraphy, too - and beautifully.  My latest project is lettering envelopes for a dear friend's 50th wedding anniversary party.  There's a lot more that goes into such a project than just writing.   First, I set up my 'light box' -- which is my glass top dining room table.   I cover it in white tissue paper, clamp my light to shine from below, and wash my hands to make sure I dont smudge anything.   I practice at least half an hour and then I start writing.   I like morning light because there are less shadows and I work for about an hour and half at a time.  I like a quiet room - no music, tv or people.  My husband finds some place to go so I can concentrate.  The finished product is always worth the effort - and the best part is seeing the smile it brings to my customers and friends. 

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