Monday, November 14, 2011

Lucky Girl

I am a lucky girl ......
Four years ago I received the opportunity to take on the administrative side of putting some art classes together in Virginia Beach.  I had no idea how to begin, or whether it would be successful.  Having  just completed the 10th class --- I think I've got the hang of it... maybe ....
(although there's something to learn from each one)

.... just back from another wonderful week of art with Ros Stallcup and a great group of women!  If you know Ros, then you know how much she brings to class -- great projects, great instruction --
sweet personality and lots of fun! 

 But there's also something really special about taking these classes at the beach.. 
whether its cloudy, sunny,

 chilly, warm, or rainy (even snow-like last Feb) --

the beach gives me a good feeling  ---  makes me feel calm and  revitalized all at the same time.
This past week was no exception. 

Make no mistake ... we are there to work (in between all our fun:)

you see .....  we're all doing the same project......
but there's room for individual expression

wouldnt you love for this to be your garden,
and walk right out to the beach?

where else can you hear someone say,
"Oh, your rust is lovely" ???

It can be a special time for mother/daughter bonding
Miss Opal is 95!!

this mother/daughter team met in the middle --
one came from way south, and one from the north

I got a wonderful, warm surprise from the group ..
still floating on air

there's time for special friendships to grow...

and then there's the picture that says it all.....
(Thanks, Bert)
happy friends and the ocean air
See you next year...

If you are interested in joining our class,
look for registration information at

Monday, September 12, 2011

Let the light shine through

This is the last blog about glass for this year !!!
I promise
(well, at least I have good intentions:)
These Fancy Garden Ornaments make me happy
they'll let the light 'dance' in my garden ...  and ....
I'll bet fairies might even come to join in

all of these pieces are for sale
if you are interested, send me a message or email

I'm fascinated by the way light shines through glass -
always have been ...

all kinds of glass...

frosted or clear

colored ..... patterned

cut  and  pressed ...


What do you love ?
What makes you happy?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Glitter --- of course!

GLITTER ..... the last step for Jeweled Jeans ...

I had such fun designing all these jeans for the girls from the party!!
  pink and silver hearts .....
sparkle snowflakes ..

flirty flowers ...

and a brand new fall leaf design!

I'm ready ... who wants to have the next party:) ??

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jeweled Jeans - Bling, Bling

I am having so much fun getting orders filled from the recent
Jeweled Jeans Party!!
Here's Step Two ..
Adding a little Bling!!

Some customers ask for pastel colors and some like brights ...
I pour out the jewels and arrange .....then  rearrange ...
............and rearrange again  'til I think it's juuussst right
 and ... as much fun as it is to add the jewels ..
it's even more fun to add the GLITTER
Stay tuned ....

If you want a party for your friends just let me know!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Creating Jeweled Jeans - step one

Jeweled Jeans has moved to the next level!!
I was thrilled when my friend, Marie, offered to host a
'Jeweled Jeans' party!!

She set up the most beautiful party ---
with yummy food, and sparkling drinks ..

Lots of friends came..
 bringing a pair of jeans with them...

We ate and drank... talked and laughed ...
They looked, touched, and chatted about all the samples I brought...
and then chose their favorite design...

I took them all home to 'create'

Today (Hurricane Irene) was the perfect day to work on this project.
I set up a work table in my living room....

Now all the designs are patterned :) Whew!
----step one is done----

In step two the jewels are added .....
can't wait to show you that!!!

glass, glass, more glass

I told you I was biten by the bug!!
(some of my friends are throwing around the word 'obsessed')
these are just a few of the pieces I'm working with ...
some of these are finished --
and some are still under construction ..

A little angel to watch over your garden ..

or a tall piece, with a little color to add  sparkle ...
they'd look great in any garden!!

(I'm finished - for now:)

Fancy Garden Glass

Yes, MORE garden glass...
I have really been biten by this bug!

I spent a weekend in VA with my BFF...
We shopped all the thrift stores ..
for GLASS, of course

These little ones with the blue ruffle tops are hose guides for her garden
They will go onto a stake in the ground to make them sturdy.
No one will have cuter hose guides!!

here is my project -- just a bit of color for the garden...

I'm not finished yet ... stay tuned

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Garden Glass

Garden glass ornaments  are now my new favorite craft -----
and I bet you'll fall in love with them too.
Let me show you a few 'lessons' I learned along the way ....
Here's my table of cast off glass, just waiting for the right inspiration.

this one ends with a bowl so small birds and butterflies will have water

There are no limits to creativity ...
---saucers, stemware, bowls and lids--
let your imagination run wild

any combination of colors and shapes can work
Here's a pleasing combination of clear and textured glass--
made with vases, ashtrays, dessert dish, candle holder

and look at this elegant tower -
vase, saucer, mercury glass votive, candy dish,
candle holder and stray lid

--My last piece of advice is to work with a buddy,
an extra pair of hands can prevent a lot of casualties

Fortunately, this piece can be reconstructed
and we have learned a valuable lesson ...

'Trial and Error' --- the best teacher of ALL!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden Glass Project # 1

I have a love of all things glass.  It is my weakness, and I'm drawn to it at vintage shops, flea markets, and high end crystal - plus stained glass, colored marbles, and on and on -- I love the way light shines through glass ...

On a recent thrift store shopping trip I found this glass bowl ...

I thought ... hmmmmm......
wonder if I could turn this into a gazing ball?

This might be just the ticket ...

I covered it in paper and cut a hole through the top

While I was at it I sprayed a little pink glass cup too
Just to see what it would do
I think they are both great

I havent found just the right spot in my garden yet ...
but until I do, I think it looks great on the steps...

Now .... what can I do with this yard sale lamp??
Any ideas??

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hydrangea Chair

Ralph Waldo Emerson said ....
“Every chair should be a throne and hold a king”
Remember the plain ladderback chair ?

First, I stripped the many layers of paint ...
Then I used flat spray - to give a good base coat..
It took a while for 'inspiration' to grab me ...
but eventually I decided on white hydrangeas
All finished !!