Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cut Flowers ..... To Go

Just had to share with you this idea that came from my son -- and I think it's brilliant!!  When we met for Mother's Day he brought me cut flowers -- which was so nice, and made me smile ...... but ..... he knew I'd have to get them home and he brought a pitcher of water to keep them alive on the trip.  This turned out to be a brilliant idea, because ..... I could secure the pitcher by passing the seat belt right through the handle and it didnt budge an inch!!   I only kept an inch or so of water so there was no danger of it splashing and, as you can see - they made it home in perfect condition ...

I put the pitcher in the back seat

secured it with the seat belt - around the pitcher and through the handle ...

added the flowers - and drove home ...

Here they are, safe at home in a beautiful vase for me to enjoy!

So....... now I'm thinking ...... what else would transport better in a pitcher that can be secured and safe from spilling???    especially if your pitcher has a lid -- how about fruit salad?  
Cant wait to hear your ideas ....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Off to the Races!!!

In honor of this year's Preakness,
I created two new tote bag designs
featuring the Black-Eyed Susan...
Maryland's state flower - and the official flower of the Preakness

This year marks the 136th running of The Preakness Stakes traditionally  held on the third Saturday in May at  Pimlico Race Course just outside Baltimore, MD.  The Preakness Stakes has been termed "The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans" because a blanket of Black-eyed Susans  is placed around the winner's neck. (the horse's neck, of course:)

The interesting part is ....... Black-Eyed Susans do not bloom in Maryland until June or July!
No worries -- they just take a little 'creative license' and come up with a great look-alike instead.   Some years they have used daisies, others chrysanthemums.  Once the center is darkened who can tell the difference?  It works!
Here are two close up views of the Black-Eyed Susan tote..
complete with sparkles, jewels and glitter!

and just one more thing......
(in case you want to plan a party;)

Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail Punch

1 - 1/4 cup vodka
4 cups orange juice
1 - 1/4 cup light rum
ice ring
3/4 cup triple sec
1 tbsp fresh lime juice
4 cups pineapple juice

Chill all ingredients.
Just before serving combine in a punch bowl.
Unmold ice ring and float in bowl. Serve in tall glasses. Makes 10 large servings.