Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paralyzing Snow!!! Really??

I've been watching the forecasts all day - in between packing my suitcase and packing my car - to prepare for the art class in Va Beach. My first plan was to let the snow come and then travel after the roads had been cleared - assuming that the beach would only get rain. But as the predictions became heavier and earlier a little panic started to set in.

I stepped up my preparations..... sorted out my warmest clothes, got my snow boots ready (and my dancing boots, too - just in case) and started loading the car today while the sun was still shining. I loaded in the tee shirts, aprons (to paint on), all my paints, brushes, supplies, the goodie bags, and door prizes. I have 10 shop lights 4 feet long that I hang in the art room plus several bags full of miscellaneous supplies, ranging from tape to glitter! I'm all set...

So I'm getting up at the crack of dawn and setting out on my trip --- I think this is going to be an adventure we will all remember for a looonngg time - wish me luck!

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