Monday, March 28, 2011

Sandpaper Trick

Every time I share this sandpaper 'trick' with the art classes they LOVE it.   Once you see how simple it is you will be amazed...
1) start with a full sheet of sandpaper -- cut into 4 equal pieces

2) fold and score each quarter sheet into quarters - cut one score just to the middle

3) fold one flap up, then over, and down -- now you have 4 clean sides of sandpaper -
 you can fold and re-fold to a clean side as needed


Remember - the only area of your piece that is being sanded is the space just under your fingertips ...

Sand in the direction of the wood grain - but align your fingers perpendictular - so that your fingertips are moving sideways with the grain and not up and down with the grain -- the reason is that each fingertip has a different strength and applies different pressure.   If you go up and down you will essentially create valleys.
Not only will these tips give you a better finished product they will also save you money

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