Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love the Salon ...

I love Salon at Chestertown ....
 and not just because they hosted a lovely showing of my traditional Baltimore Screens --- although I loved that too.   They have a gallery wall that compliments the artwork perfectly, and they are generous enough to invite local artists to show their work.   I was the lucky featured artist from November through February!  I appreciate the opportunity.

 Salon is a great asset to the women (and men) of Chestertown. Melissa and Heather are experts in their field of hair and makeup - they make you look and feel great.  .  Make an appointment today -- you won't regret it ......   and..... you'll get to see their featured artist too!!


  1. yay Salon! I love Salon too... have trusted Melissa with my unruly tresses for years ;) Yep. The space itself is a breath of fresh air! Also, they carry more natural/environmental products, I like that.

  2. Brenda,
    You are so talented and I LOVE these screens. So glad I know you through Dreamers Into Doers and got to meet you face to face in New York. You are an incredible ball of energy!