Monday, March 14, 2011

And the prize goes to .....

Don't you just love when they call your number and you've won the prize?   Well....... I can tell you that the girls in my art classes do love it.
Ever since I've been sponsoring these classes in Va Beach I've drawn a name (or number) for a winner each day.  
Sometimes they win a bottle of wine --- that's always a welcome gift. 

One class received blown glass mermaid ornaments,
and one class received ceramic mugs that can be painted.  

 Last week I gave out ceramic brush holders for the second time --
and I think this was everyone's favorite!  It surely was the favorite of
Joyce, Frances, Kathy and Maureen
they were this year's winners!!!
It has 4 compartments - two tall and two short -
which can hold and separate  brushes and painting tools. 
It works just as well to hold bathroom supplies, or kitchen utensils
(but, really --- no painter is going to give it up for any other use:)

This ceramic technique is called crystals -
and the name of this paint is "Monsoon Seas"
which went right along with our Dolphin theme for this class.

So now I have a few months to come up with the next great door prize---
(I'm open to suggestions :)


  1. Love the ceramic holder - did you paint it yourself? If so, where? Seems like a very useful know I'm always looking to make something creative that I can actually use!

    Diana Gray, Design Divas

  2. I want to take this class....and not just because of the awesome paint brush holder!! You are so amazing talented and creative! (And super sweet, too!)

  3. Love this brush container. Beautiful decorative paintings examples. Best wishes to you on you business. Looking forward to learning more about you on "Dreamers".

  4. Beautiful job! I love old windows with mirrors in them. I think it can add depth and light to a small room. I bought one a while back and it really makes a difference!