Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture This ....

Here I am, once again, sending out a hearty "Thank You" to Melissa and the staff of Salon At Chestertown ( )   They have been generous enough to host two more of my art pieces. 

"Blue Morning Glories" welcomes the clients as they are offered coffee and snacks at Salon

"Red Geraniums" keep company at Melissa's station.

Both of these pieces started as old windows, then I removed the glass and replaced it with mirrors.  
Each design is painted right on the mirror, baked to be permanent, and re-installed in the frame.

It's tricky to take photos of mirrors, even when the reflections show a nice background.   Still, I think the art work comes through very well here.  If you have a window-less room, or a dark wall, or need a mirror with a little pizazzz -- then here you go.....
both pieces are for sale


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