Thursday, March 17, 2011

Painted Furniture Workshop

What do you think of when I say "Painted Furniture Workshop"?  Well, it's kinda hard to describe --- especially since every one is totally different.   So let me just tell you about the one we had recently in Virginia Beach.  Beth Wagner is our very talented teacher - in this workshop she's more like our leader and  mentor.  Each person comes to class with their 'blank slate' - sometimes they even have a design idea for it, but even if they dont ... when they get to class - all it takes is a  little 'brainstorming' with Beth --- the creative energy starts to flow and your idea is born!  The first day is all about backgrounds, prep work, and developing our ideas.  As we work, there's a great group energy - we are inspired by each other -- all under the guidance of Beth's creative talents. We start with a little idea, it grows --- we build it, and it grows again.

This little two-tier table was first painted green, then painted white.  Once Cindy sanded the edges, the green layer came through to give it interest and dimension.  But she didnt stop there -- she added border details and roses on both top and shelf.  She's says she'll use this as a side table in her great room ----  I can tell you, everyone will think its too pretty to put a drink on ..

Just look at this little table - What a great design!
Notice the subtle detail around the border.
This is a gift her husband will surely appreciate - and she painted him a jewelry box to match!

We couldnt have a class with Beth without featuring roses ....   here's just two beautiful examples.

Kathy's project was a fireplace screen.   First, she taped off a border and painted a soft multi-colored background to the center.   Then she re-taped it and painted the edge blue.  She took another step and added a stencil design over the border.  For the final hooray she painted a glass vase filled with flowers for the center piece.   This is already an heirloom her family will treasure .... 

Look at this sweet little travel trunk with a beautiful dome top.   The lucky little girl who receives this can fill it with dress-up clothes now and memories later  - for it's certain she will cherish it always.

The background of the trunk is painted with soft dreamy, cloud-like colors.  You can see nose-gay flowers and ribbons spilling from the corners - and very lovely personalization on the top -- what a treasure!

The design on this bar stool grew from the inspiration paper you see posted on the wall.  It's a black  background with all grey and silver designs -- a little silver leaf and it will really sparkle.

It seems that little girls' dreams were the inspiration for a few pieces in this class.  Here you just see the door to a little storage cabinet - but each side and the top were painted with whimsical sea creatures and bubbles.   What little mermaid wouldn't love this??

And, finally ----
here's the proud teacher taking a shot of our group.
Each person went home with a unique work of art and more than a few ideas for future projects.

We're already looking forward to another workshop at the beach March 2012
-- and you can join us if you like --
(registration forms at
the only thing I promise is .... It will NOT be like any other class you have taken ---
and --- you will LOVE IT -- more than any other class!


  1. All of those are inspiring! Makes me want to clear off my paint table and start something new and wonderful!

  2. Brenda, what beautiful results! What treasures! I have two major pieces of furniture that I have wanted to paint for many years. One is a vanity and one is a table like the roses are painted on at the beginning of your blog. Only I want to do blue roses to match my blue toile bedroom!

  3. Jo -- you need to come paint with us - and finally do those blue roses to match your room!!