Friday, March 26, 2010

Marking 11 years!!

Thank you, Bob - thank you for the flowers, the gifts, the celebration - and for giving me such a great place to work -- and, thanks Steve --  for wine, friendship, and a helpful spirit always .

Wow - can it really be 11 years already?    In a small town even a casual comment can change your life.  Back in 1999 when I heard Robert Ortiz was looking for a 'helper', I made a casual remark about how much I admired his work.  He makes original design furniture that is so exquisite its a real work of art.  Little did I know that I would have the good fortune to work with him and not only see first hand, but also be part of,  his amazing creations.  He took me in with no experience and taught me how to finish furniture that everyone wants to caress.   Along the way he has taught me so much more.  He's a capable, kind and patient teacher.  He sets high standards for himself and makes those of us who work with him want to rise to our best level too.    Every March he indulges me to celebrate my 'anniversary' with the wood shop -- today Bob, Steve and I had lunch,  filled with good food, good friendship and lively conversation   - in a small town there's always something to talk about  ---  and sometimes it will change your life.

This bubinga top looks like it has 'hills and valleys' - but I assure you -- its totally flat
Here, I'm working on a mahogany case with a wenge top  --- wenge is a beautiful chocolate brown wood with a fine straight grain, from Africa.

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