Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIVA Dinner

Our DIVA (Discovering Individual Vision & Ability) group has been getting together on a sort of regular basis for 4 years now.  We all met in a 6 week class on Introduction to Interior Design.  When the classes were over we stuck together.  We started out discussing design projects, makeover ideas, and DYI lessons.   We visited each other's homes, make a variety of crafts - from floor cloths to mosaics & stepping stones - and we always have a great meal!!

This week's meeting with the DIVAs was a cooperative dinner at Marian's house.   Marian and Diana coordinated the main dishes for our meal, Marian hosted at her lovely home, and the rest of  the group filled in with appetizers, salad, bread and wine!!   As usual, we ended up with a feast.

Diana made chicken, & artichokes in bechamel sauce PLUS she made Pots De Creme with Frangelica for dessert!  Yum........   Marian made chicken with fennel & onion, with a wine & pine nut sauce.  It was so delicious.   Then we were seated in Marian's lovely dining room and raised a glass to friendship, good food, and more good times to come. 

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  1. What a wonderful group! And Di looks as beautiful as ever! She and I were college roomies!

    Kat :)