Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OBX and Sunshine

We just returned from a wonderful visit to OBX -my brother and his wife live there and we arelucky enough to visit at least once a year, sometimes several times.  Not only do we enjoy a healthy dose of sea air and sunshine, but we get to spend time with family: looking over old photos, re-telling childhood stories -- laughng, loving and building new memories along the way.  This visit was no exception.  In between great BBQ (Carolina style, of course), shrimp, grits and birthday cake, we took walks on the beach, scouted out thrift and antique shops, enjoyed the fresh berries from their garden, sipped pina coladas on the deck -- AND watched my brother surf with his new board.   You wont be able to miss him in the water now, - that neon orange can be spotted a mile away!  He was as excited as I've ever seen him - and we were loving it from the shore, thrilled with every wave he caught! 

Nice Ride ...

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