Tuesday, June 22, 2010

favorite things

It gives me a lot of pleasure to be surrounded by pretty things.   Some of my favorites are glassware and dishes.   This set of dishes always reminds me of a celebration - and if you ever see this pattern for sale - by all means, BUY it for me - my set needs a few more pieces :)

This pretty pale green dish is in the 'Sandwich' pattern
which was popular in depression glass....  But this dish is not depression glass.  The pattern is right but this color was not used during the depression years - it came much later.  That's ok with me, I love it still.

And I love it even more as a backdrop for my grandmother's two dresser bottles
This collection of glass door knobs started with the ones that came from my husband's mother's house.  I've added to the collection over the years.  I purposely mixed them all together, so that in our hearts they are all from "Grandmom's House"

I especially love the way light comes through stained glass windows.   This one hangs over my kitchen window - it makes doing dishes a pleasure - and its a welcome beacon each time I come home.
and .... these pretty glasses make me happy.   I have them in three different sizes -- water, pilsner, and sherry glasses.   I had to restrain myself from buying more - I swear, they probably have 8 different sizes!!    I figure three is enough (at least for now:)

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