Monday, May 17, 2010

Love and Marriage

Its wonderful to celebrate a loving marriage.   Our good friends, Dick and Ivy, came to visit last week and shared their 54th wedding anniversary with us.  John was the Best Man at their wedding, in England, in 1956 - and they honored him again by naming their first child after him.    We had a great week.   Ivy and I watched 'the boys' remember and tell stories about their days together in the Army, and we could almost see them grow younger with each tale.  We spent hours over pictures and the time just melted away.   When you see a love that endures over a lifetime you know you are getting to be part of something really special.   We are grateful to them for sharing their special day with us - and we look forward to the next visit already!

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  1. What a truly lovely post! And how wonderful that they have stayed in contact after all these years!

    Thank you for your wonderfully sweet comment on my blog today and for sharing my blog with your family and friends!

    Kat :)