Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's a Party!

Have you heard about the new Painting Parties??  Did you know you can have your own - right in your own home (or business) ??  These parties are springing up everywhere - and, no wonder, they are such fun! It's a new kind of ‘home party’  sweeping the nation!  Social Artworking parties are the PERFECT way to enjoy time  with your family, friends and co-workers!! 
 NO experience needed - total beginners can do this!

Just look at what fun they are - and what great paintings!!

Owls are fun --- and each person made them their own !

These girls added their own style to their painting !  And they are sooooo cute !! (yes, the girls AND the paintings)  

 These bright sunflowers were a fundraiser for Relay for Life!
Good job, Ladies!

We’ll start with a blank canvas. I provide ALL the supplies!! After a few hours of laughter and painting fun (a little food and drink) you & your guests have a unique work of art – Something you created yourself!!!   

 Yellow Sunflowers!
The perfect way to say goodbye to summer, and get back to school..

I have everything you need for success – canvas, brushes, paints, design patterns And INSTRUCTION  --- all easy enough for beginners.  NO painting experience necessary!  All you do is invite your friends and provide refreshments.

we all start with the same design - then each person's personality comes through ... 

Proud as Peacocks!   And they should be ....  this group had a friendly competition - and they are ALL winners!

Lots of designs to choose - check them out at

Pick your favorite then contact me at
to book your own fabulous party!!

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