Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lucky # 7

Can it really be seven years already?  
I guess they are right when they say 'time flies when you're having fun'
Seven short years ago - November 2008 -
marks the first class I organized for Ros Stallcup.  
 And, yes, I've been having fun ever since.  
This year was the best ever - well ... I say that every class -
because it's true every class..  Each one is the best ever!!

I'm soooo  lucky .... to work with Ros ... to paint great projects ... and to spend time at the beach with this great group of women!  I look forward to every class - and to every person who comes to join us..

 the pictures say it all...
making great art - and great friendships ..
 traveling from far ... yes, Canada is far

 The Ohio girls made friends with the girl from Maine
 Mother and Daughter get to spend the week together,
and keep up with friends from previous classes.
 Ros makes sure we all get great instructions,
and a bit of personal attention ..

It is definitely a highlight of the week when Larry comes to visit.   He brings the 'treasures' and the silent auction begins!  It wouldn't be the same without him :)
 Another Mother/Daughter team meets at the art class for a chance to spend time together -- 
and hang out with some old friends
 There are serious moments - Catherine is deep in concentration -
Looks like she's on a mission to complete 10,000 items..
(OK - maybe just a tad less than 10,000 :) 
 We love our art friends
 We love making new friends
 Mother and Daughter..
These two had a lot of laughs this week ..
 Showing off their talents ..
Miss Brenda Lee ... 
we are wishing you smooth sailing in your quest for renewed health ..
 A week full of smiles from everyone
 New friends from PA
 Their long drive was worth it -- they had a great week..
 Group dinner was one to remember -
We had lots of time to visit and chat ..
Next time we'll order ahead :)
Look at this beautiful winter scene!! 
We lost one of our own this year....
Miss Frances, we will miss you dearly,
we miss your sweet smiles, your humorous ways,
your talented painting, and your warm generous heart ... RIP

In sun and in clouds, the beach is a powerful beauty ...
I'm always sad to say goodbye to this ocean week,
and always looking forward to the next one ..

If you want to come paint with Ros and Brenda At the Beach,
visit my website ..
We'd love to have you :)

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