Saturday, August 23, 2014

Don't Make Me Choose

They say 'variety is the spice of life' -- it cetainly is for me when it comes to my art!  YES, I do like many different expressions of art - and NO, I don't want to choose just a few.  Brenda Star Studios is a broad name....meant to be broad enough to support the many different ways I want to express my artistic side. 

 Here are just a few of my favorites....

JEWELED JEANS .... Jeweled Jeans light up my world.  They add a little 'bling' to ordinary jeans, they sparkle and shine, and they lift my spirits whenever I wear them  -- or whenever I create them for someone else.  The combinations of colors and patterns are endless - I'll never run out of ways to add glitter in my life!

These fun glass creations also add sparkle and shine -- to your garden, table top, mantle, hearth, patio -- or anywhere else you display them.   They catch the light and break it into rainbows.   They can be used inside or outside.  Is there a better way to recycle items that are about to be discarded?   I dont think so!!!

There are a million ways you can use color and texture  with glass! It will sparkle in the sun, shed the rain - or be just as beautiful inside on your table - for any occasion from family dinner to fancy party.   It makes a great 'anchor' for balloons for your celebrations.

You can nestle this recycled art among your shrubs and flowers for a little 'bling' in your garden.  They can also add an unexpected hint of glamour to any room.

Baltimore Screens have a rich history as a unique folk art tradition - found only in Baltimore.   It started in 1913, when William Oktavec painted the screens of his produce store.  He soon found himself painting screens for many of his neighbors. They were the ideal thing for privacy - since the people walking by could only see the beautiful paintings - but those inside could see out perfectly well. The  most popular design was a pastoral scene including a red-roofed cottage, lots of flowers, and always a pond with swans!!

Baltimore Painted Screens saw their highest popularity from the 1920's to the 1940's, with as many as 100,000 screens throughout the East Baltimore neighborhoods of Highlandtown and Canton.  Today it is enjoying a renewed and growing popularity.  There are several artists keeping the tradition alive, while making it fresh by adding their own styles - and teaching classes to make sure it carries on to the next generation.

There you have it!!  A few of my favorite arts....  there's a lot more ... but I'll save that for another time.  Let me know what you think ...


  1. You have many talents and a very creative mind. Don't chose just one or a few, keep exploring.

  2. I think I love everything, You are so talented. I really miss painting with you.