Sunday, March 18, 2012

Furniture Workshop 2012

It's March - that means another Furniture Workshop with Beth:)  

This is no ordinary art class.  Beth has a love of everything creative - and one of her biggest talents is bringing out the creative side in her students.  We all bring a small piece of furniture from home - something we can easily carry.  We tell her about the place we'd like to use it - what the room looks like, our favorite colors, etc and she guides us as we create a 'masterpiece' for ourselves.

and ..... the pictures are fun
BUT.. what can't be captured in photos is the energy in the room

a little idea starts, then builds - grows - and blooms ....

into a work of art - with everyone adding thoughts
and oooooo-ing and awwwww-ing along the way
it's a special kind of fun - and once you try it you ALWAYS want to come back ...

so......Here's just a sample of the 'Before', 'After', and a few 'In Progress' photos.......

This is my 'before' --- a little coffee table I picked up at a yard sale on the morning of class.
(nothing like waiting til the last minute -- I was lucky to find this little gem)

'In Progress'
A good base coat of Caromal Colours
no prep required!!

(Learn more about Caromal Colours here )

more 'In Progress'
some silver foil (for the bling:) -  hmmmm - how to best use this stencil?

All finished!  I'm thrilled -- what do you think?

Ann's little side table -- based and ready for inspiration:)

taped -- ready for a center design

 sweet flowers, interesting center color....
and the cutest little flower on the bottom shelf!!!
Beth suggested a  few more coordinating stripes around the apron ....
 and it's finished!

Kathy's table - side view
(her brother built this little table years ago - now its getting a
place of honor in her home)

hydrangeas, roses, and dragonfly -- WOW - just beautiful!
this will be a family treasure FOR SURE!!

Opal brought a little foot stool - base coat almost finished..

'In Progress' --- a fun little background ...

it needed a few roses....
because our young Opal    (96 and counting) ...   is a rose lover :)

All finished --- how sweet!
and ......she put her name on it so Tamara cant 'borrow' it
(sorry ... inside joke:)

Cindy's trunk - 'In Progress'

more progress - and the inspiration photo

Finished!   Good job, Cindy - it's beautiful!

Shaunna's bed tray 'Before' ---- just wait ....

'In Progress' --- already gorgeous!

Makes me want breakfast in bed!  Every day!!
(or, write love letters to my sweetie?)

 Just so you know ..... it takes a lot of 'spreading out' to put all these creative ideas into action:)
We need stencils, stamps, tape  --- all kinds of supplies!!!!!
but mostly, we need Beth to help us unleash our best creative  ideas!!
Thank you, Beth

Stay tuned -- there are lots more projects to show --- Part II coming soon ...

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  1. Brenda:
    Super, how fun and happy those pieces of furniture now look. It brought a smile to see how creative and artistic everything was done in.
    I loved those Sunflowers, I could see them on glass ware, shirts, nearly anything you could paint.....Great Job!!!

  2. Hi, Brenda....Love how you did the photos "in progress". It really was so much fun and amazing to see what everyone did with their pieces. Thanks again for your hard work. As usual, you did a fantastic job, and we all had a great time. Can't wait to see you next year in Va., but hope to see you sooner in NY. Love, Cindy

  3. I want one of all. I'm stunned. So gorgeous, everything. It is AWE inspiring. I can see why you love it so much. The artwork is so gorgeous and the idea's you all come up with. Thanks for sharing. You all are so talented. What a fabulous hobby.

    Zoa Ann

  4. All are awesome!!!

  5. I loved it! You have done really great job with those pieces and the white is really looking so gorgeous. I'm thinking to have the same for my daughter with her existing white furniture and hope to get great match as shown above. Anyway, thanks Brenda for sharing this.