Tuesday, February 14, 2012

waiting for spring sunshine

Oooooh, I love the light when it bounces off beautiful glass...
At my house the temps have dropped to the 20's and there's a little ice - and threats of snow...
But I'm waiting for SPRING!
I know the day is not far off when I will see the sun shine all day,
and my lovely glass topiaries will once again sparkle in the sun's golden glow..

this is Little Miss Green Eyes - at the 'factory' so to speak

and  here she is on stage for her formal presentation...
are you thinking St. Patrick's Day?
Yes, me too ...

'Silver Beauty'..
Perfect in the garden, but also makes a great table centerpiece,
especially for a party or date night ...

and....   'Blueberry'
how pretty on your porch or patio
or along with Easter or birthday
celebration table

Limited only by your imagination...
How would YOU use these pretty pieces??

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