Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Furniture Workshop

I'm excited to share with you a few more projects from the 2012 Furniture Workshop with Beth Wagner.   We do this every March in Va Beach - and as you can see from the photos - we have a great time .... AND .... turn out some great results!!

You really have to be there to know just how the energy flows, ideas grow...
there are bursts of excitement as we see each project
coming to life, layer by layer-- until that moment
when you know -- this is IT
it's now FINISHED!

But since you missed it.....
take a peek at the photos here and get just a little glimpse ..

This was the first time Elaine joined us --
she came all the way from Connecticut!!

She started with a tall slender cabinet with 3 small drawers

After sponging on a varigated stripe - here's the fun part --- peeling the tape !

Elaine added an elegant stencil over the stripes, and on the drawer fronts...

but .... she saved the best for the top! Just look at those gorgeous roses!
with a hint of metallics ....

Wow - she picked just the right hardware for this piece
Nice job, Elaine
a treasure for you!!

So, Did Elaine have a good time?
You bet she did - she's coming back next year!!
and I cant wait to see what she brings...

Kathy B. brought a tray table -  and wanted a beach scene...

Her inspiration was a sweet story book ....
she's already off to a good start
I can feel the breeze ...


(that's me taking a nap under the umbrella:)

Here's the top for Diane's table --
she gave it a nice neutral base coat

then .... added a little pizazz for background!

and painted the sweetest hydrangeas
in a very lovely color combination

here she is!!
finished ...
she can hold her own in any elegant room she wants!!

Janet couldnt possibly bring this large cabinet
(ok, she's strong - but not that strong:)
so she brought the inset panels ..
because that's what she wanted to embellish it anyway

this trellis stencil is just the ticket --
it's gonna be a pefect background
(and coffee always helps boost our inspiration:)

ahhhh-- roses!!
the perfect compliment ...
These are almost finished
I know these four panels will be FABulous in Janet's cabinet..


If you want to join us next year - we'll make a space for you!
find registration forms at
or email your questions to



  1. Wow! Everything came out gorgeous!!!

  2. The pieces are lovely Brenda!

  3. Beautiful pieces one and all!

  4. Brenda, you make me want to buy a bigger house just so I can make beautiful pieces like these and have the space to keep them. Love them!