Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden Glass Project # 1

I have a love of all things glass.  It is my weakness, and I'm drawn to it at vintage shops, flea markets, and high end crystal - plus stained glass, colored marbles, and on and on -- I love the way light shines through glass ...

On a recent thrift store shopping trip I found this glass bowl ...

I thought ... hmmmmm......
wonder if I could turn this into a gazing ball?

This might be just the ticket ...

I covered it in paper and cut a hole through the top

While I was at it I sprayed a little pink glass cup too
Just to see what it would do
I think they are both great

I havent found just the right spot in my garden yet ...
but until I do, I think it looks great on the steps...

Now .... what can I do with this yard sale lamp??
Any ideas??


  1. Brenda, Really impressed with your creativity.
    Looks great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Love, Lillian

  2. Love it Brenda!! Looks great with the etching too. Have a great week!

  3. Brenda you never stop amazing me. You are a very busy bee. Happy Birthday. Love Toni

  4. What a great idea!! I think I have an old bowl around here I could do this with:)

  5. Hi, saw your post info on DID,
    Great blog! I love the project, your gazing ball looks fantastic!

    Would love to have you check out Nostalgic Summer @:

  6. Brenda, I am in awe of your creativity and talent!! How beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with the lamp!

  7. That gazing ball is fabulous. And that lamp is just like one that was given to me back in 1976. Having shopped for lamps recently I found myself attracted to metallic finishes. Personally, having seen the gazing ball, I'd do the same thing to the inside of that lamp. Reminds me of mercury. Happy Birthday to you! Cathy