Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fancy Garden Glass

Yes, MORE garden glass...
I have really been biten by this bug!

I spent a weekend in VA with my BFF...
We shopped all the thrift stores ..
for GLASS, of course

These little ones with the blue ruffle tops are hose guides for her garden
They will go onto a stake in the ground to make them sturdy.
No one will have cuter hose guides!!

here is my project -- just a bit of color for the garden...

I'm not finished yet ... stay tuned


  1. Those are really interesting and cool looking - and will serve a great purpose. Lovin' them....although, I haven't collected any glass for my own project!

    Diana Gray, Design Diva

  2. Once you start garden glass it's hard to's so much fun - looking for just the right pieces of glass and then putting all the pieces together for a beautiful piece of garden art. Becky