Saturday, August 27, 2011

Creating Jeweled Jeans - step one

Jeweled Jeans has moved to the next level!!
I was thrilled when my friend, Marie, offered to host a
'Jeweled Jeans' party!!

She set up the most beautiful party ---
with yummy food, and sparkling drinks ..

Lots of friends came..
 bringing a pair of jeans with them...

We ate and drank... talked and laughed ...
They looked, touched, and chatted about all the samples I brought...
and then chose their favorite design...

I took them all home to 'create'

Today (Hurricane Irene) was the perfect day to work on this project.
I set up a work table in my living room....

Now all the designs are patterned :) Whew!
----step one is done----

In step two the jewels are added .....
can't wait to show you that!!!

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  1. So fun...they look wonderful! Keep safe as the rain and wind blow through.