Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Going, going, gone ..

Susan and I love to go to Crumpton - and when she came to visit last month that's just what we did. The Dixon Furniture Auction in Crumpton, MD is open every Wednesday through the year, except the weeks of Christmas, New Year's and July 4th. 
There is always something for everyone at Crumpton.   Here on the inside tables you can find everything from glassware, buttons, lamps, small toys, books, seashells to carvings and small furniture.
In the field outside, the auctioneer rides along in a golf cart, while the crowd follows watching and waiting for their coveted item to come up for bid.  You have to keep your eyes and ears open because he moves pretty fast - not to mention how fast he talks! Stay alert and you can win your bid and bring home a 'find' to repurpose into a 'treasure'.
and ... let's not forget the food!   This is only a fraction of all that's available.   We sometimes go just for the hotdogs - wrapped in soft pretzel dough - they are 'melt-in-your-mouth' 'to-die-for' good! You will also find ice cream, baked goods, roasted chickens, a full scale restaurant, home canned goods, fresh meats of all kinds, and cakes  & pastries ... and although we didnt find our 'treasure' in the field this time, we surely did find something sweet to bring home!!
I hope she comes to visit again soon ...  my mouth is watering for a pretzel dog:)

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