Tuesday, February 16, 2016

November Fall Fun !

November Fall Fun ....

At The Beach !!

Ros and I always have a great time with each other 
and all our painting friends. 
The beginning of November every year -- 
 you will find me AT THE BEACH with Ros  Stallcup.  
Ever  since 2008 I have had the good fortune to host a week with Ros in Virginia Beach. 
What a great place to be with a great teacher!

Ros brings her happy smile to every class -- 
and she sets the tone for a great week!  
We love getting a little surprise!  A gift for everyone --
 just to let you know how much we love having you with us ..
 Friends from North Carolina --- get some fun time together painting 
At The Beach ...  

Here Mother and Daughters get to have a whole week together -
 painting, laughing - and smiling for the camera !!

 The NJ girls paint beautifully 
and had a great time together in VA Beach!
More sisters (in-law) having fun !!

Everyone is having a great time together --
 and Ros is lending her helping hand to our projects!!

Friends --- looking like they have something to hide !!  
Wonder what it could be?

Our lovely Canadian girls bring fresh air and smiles to our class - 
we love spending the week with them !
New faces and old friends alike, we have a great group At The Beach!
The lessons are fun, the projects are beautiful -
 and the friendships are priceless!

Green  was definitely the color of the week --
 from shirts to glitter to special meanings!!
and weather nice enough for a photo in front of the ocean!!    Love it!!
So long - dear ocean -- until we meet again (next year for sure :) !


  1. So fun I hope to make it next year 😊

  2. memories of this week bring a smile to my face and heart.
    GO green!
    see you next November - BrendaLee

  3. Always a good time with you and the rest of the November class. Hope the dollar changes soon - enjoy your summer ladies. Pam from Canada