Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fun at HOOT

The year 2015 marks my very first visit to HOOT -- the Heart of Ohio Tole convention!!  My fellow decorative painters have been telling me - with great excitement in their voices - of this convention for years..... and Finally I got to see it for myself. 
I was very impressed with downtown Columbus, and the convention center.   The streets were clean and pretty - and the convention was very well organized.

We were just a short walk across the street - and each morning and afternoon the traffic stopped for us to cross.   We could hear church bells from our room in the evening.  Coming upon familiar faces, and old friends throughout the day was such fun.   Getting to see their artwork from the day's classes was a real treat!

Not sure why Arnold is in the convention courtyard -- but there he is!

I loved our trip to the German Village --- great restaurant - fun dinner group -- and the perfect beer :)

But the best part of all was spending time with some of my favorite people -- Ros, and Beth 

Until next year........
 because now that I've been once -- I cant stay home again :)

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