Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March at the Beach 2013

March is a tricky month - weather wise ..
We hope it's the month we can finally say
good bye to winter
and watch spring unfold
For me, there's no better place than the beach to renew one's spirit....
and no better way than a week with the
Beth Wagner Seminar!!

Here's the whole group ...
spring colors, and happy smiles
class room time is casual enough to visit and
see each other's progress
good friends share the week
lost in concentration
 students get individual help from Beth
 We learn many things in this class...
here we are learning how to assemble
all the parts of a fabric message board
Cindy was our expert for this part ..
Finished project ...
Nice job, Cindy
taking a break with Beth
Beth shows us just how it should be done :)
 Fast friends having fun at the beach..
 Everyone is enjoying this project
 We can put down our brush
 long enough for a smiling photo
I caught Dawn mid-stroke .. 
Cindy always has a ready smile ...
coming .... and going :)
 concentration and consultation
 happy group ... not wanting to say goodbye

the ocean waits for us ...
see you next year

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