Friday, February 22, 2013

November 2012 Art Class

Hard to believe that another November art class has come and gone.  These classes are the most fun... you might ask "What makes them so much fun?"
hmmmm .... let's see... Because ....
 ..Ros brings her great talent and sunny smile
...Everyone is excited to be at the beach
We get gifts :)
we paint great projects!
 everybody knows your name ..
pretty prizes
the beach welcomes us ..
some come from far away north
some come from far away south..
 look how pretty this is ..
such a generous gift!!
Thanks to the whole class!
happy to see old friends ...
yes, thank you -- we'll have another snack..
and some of us are fast, productive painters -- WOW!
Farewell, lovely Ocean ........Until next year ...

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