Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dreamers - Day Two!!

Wednesday, Jan 20 - Eileen and I wake to great anticipation for the day ahead. Our Dreamer group had been divided for the day's activities. Eileen dashed off early to be in the audience when Martha's show aired LIVE that day. I lounged over coffee and met my group for our 8 block walk back to MSLO for a guided tour. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined how fantastic that would be. We were met by Hanna, SVP of Crafts for MSLO - she's been with Martha for 19 years. She was almost as excited to meet us as we were to meet her! We dropped our coats in her office, amid the glitter and sparkle from Christmas decorations they had just removed from the Blair House - official residence of our Vice President. Every where we went MSLO staffers knew about our group and welcomed us with warmth and enthusiasm. We went to test kitchens where new recipes were being tested, peeked in on photo shoots in progress, saw flower arrangements being made and story boards for future issues. We walked by the Macy's line, met the Weddings editor, and the magazine editor - who was generous enough to talk with us for a good while. Emeril Lagasse interrupted lunch at his desk to come and talk with us. We saw new craft products in development and enough glitter to make a girl's heart skip a beat!! And .. the prop room ... OMG what girl wouldnt want a room to hold all her dishes, glasses, cake stands, candle sticks, vases -- you get the idea -- it was Heaven!! We passed by Martha's office and saw the wonderful view of the Hudson River - just as she sees it. With just enough time to grab lunch on the go, we dashed off to the TV studio to be in the audience of the afternoon taping. Alexis T. from Martha's staff put forth monumental efforts on our behalf - we owe her Big Time!!

Once we showed ID, and signed the legal waivers, we were all given 'luggage tags' to fill out with our names and addresses. I knew this had to be a drawing for some kind of prize - luggage perhaps? - and I made sure to write my name very clearly :) There's a great energy leading up to the beginning of taping and the arrival of Martha on set. Joey, the warm up guy, keeps everyone entertained and briefs us on audience protocol -- when to clap, when to be quiet, not to chew gum - turn off cell phones, etc.

And then -- the music begins, Martha comes out and the screaming applause from the audience is genuine excitement!! The theme of this show is all about travel -- tune in Friday, Feb 19 to see my big SURPRISE!!! Let me just say -- everyone in the audience was thrilled with the gifts they received and a few lucky persons were OVER THE MOON with excitement!!

Our Dreamers group was so enriched from the creative inspiration that swirled among us, that we nearly floated on air the rest of the day. Martha and her staff arranged for Co Pizzeria to host our group for dinner -Alexis and 2 other staffers joined us - and MSLO picked up the tab. We all felt MSLO was unbelievably generous during our entire adventure. A couple of group pictures rounded out the evening.

The next morning we had time for a quick breakfast and a dash into a couple of shops before catching the train home -- back to real life - but with a new zest for living and new energy for working, and new friends for life!

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