Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tough Choices

I was thrilled when my friend, Anna, told me about a chance to participate in Harbor East shop windows for the holidays!!   How cool is that?  It would be such fun to have my glass topiaries on display for so many people to see -- never mind the cash prize, or possible sales that may come.

Glass Topiary .. ??  Wow!  “What IS that?” you ask …
Well …. It can be many things – ALL of them fun!
Glass Topiaries are used as:

 · garden ornaments to catch the sparkle of the sun,

· whimsical centerpieces for your table

· unique housewarming or hostess gifts

· something special for your mantle, hearth or bookshelf
and of course, Holiday Gifts!!

Use among your flowers and plants, on your tables or display shelves – with your imagination the possibilities are endless. In the green spirit of recycling, here is a new and interesting way to reuse glass pieces. All topiaries are secure enough to be used indoors and outside – no two are alike!  

But now ..... comes the hard part.   The application only allows for three pictures to show my work! So...... do I send group photos that show as many pieces as possible, or do I send individual photos to show close details of each piece -- and which pieces??  You see my problem.

Here's where you come in --- I've narrowed it down to these few photos .... please help me choose the final three...

Group Photo #1

Group Photo #2



Emerald Eyes




And you thought this would be easy - HA!  Even though I have many more glass creations -- these are the few I'm choosing from -- hoping to be selected for the window display...   What are your favorites?   Seeing them all here together has helped me realize which ones I like best ...

But I REALLY want to hear from you too!!
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and thanks a bunch!


  1. For the Holidays I would choose Tango. But, over all I like Malibu.

    Gail DeMoss

  2. Mercury, Emerald Eyes and Tango would be great to show for Christmas inspiration. I really like just showing the individual items. It really showcases your art. The group photos were too distracting for me.

  3. Number 1, Emeral Eyes, and Daffodil.

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  5. I would display individually Emerald Eyes and Tango for the holidays. I can see why this posed a dilemma. Each creation
    has its' own glitz and glamour

  6. The groups look like a "sale". use inividual and Keep festive for Holidays. I like Emerald Eyes and Tango with Goldfinger