Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Checking My List

I dont know about you ... but for me starting the New Year means making a list - or should I say, many lists.  Before I get to my new lists for 2012, I want to share a completed project from last year's list.  Do you remember those dining chairs my friend gave me?   I turned two of them into side chairs for my living room - they are perfect for pulling up to the table for extra seats - and I turned the captain's chair into a great 'library browsing' chair for my guest room ....  here you go... the before and after ....

Along the way

....And ....... Finished!

I was very happy that I got this project completed before Christmas - that was a BIG accomplishment for this year!
Thanks, April, for your generous gift..

Now, I'm happily looking forward to 2012 projects!!
Stay tuned ..


  1. They look great!...Becky

  2. Everything you do is always beautiful. A very talented lady!