Thursday, January 27, 2011

Farewell Dreamers -- Hello Spring

As much fun as it was ... and it WAS a lot of fun ... the time comes to say goodbye to NYC and my Dreamer 'Sisters' for another year.   Here we are, a family group, enjoying a neighborhood Greek restaurant.   The food was SUPER and the company was even better ...
Terry, Stephanie, Peggy, Barbara, Beth, Debbie, and Karen
Missing from this picture is my 'best bud' and roommate, Eileen -
who had to dash off for a late train to get into the newsroom and post a big story!
and .... here's Eileen sharing a hug with Karen

On my last morning Karen and I took a walk through the flower district --

The streets of New York were bursting with spring color -- I loved strolling, looking forward to the real thing - complete with sunny days and warm temperatures! 
How long do we have to wait??

and these baby sparkle shoes......
 well, they are just too cute to pass up!!
Do they come in my size???


  1. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics with us Brenda. Doesn't feel like spring flowers today. SNOW WHAT will you have going on next?

  2. Thanks, Anna -- stay tuned for a "February Giveaway" real soon !!