Monday, November 14, 2011

Lucky Girl

I am a lucky girl ......
Four years ago I received the opportunity to take on the administrative side of putting some art classes together in Virginia Beach.  I had no idea how to begin, or whether it would be successful.  Having  just completed the 10th class --- I think I've got the hang of it... maybe ....
(although there's something to learn from each one)

.... just back from another wonderful week of art with Ros Stallcup and a great group of women!  If you know Ros, then you know how much she brings to class -- great projects, great instruction --
sweet personality and lots of fun! 

 But there's also something really special about taking these classes at the beach.. 
whether its cloudy, sunny,

 chilly, warm, or rainy (even snow-like last Feb) --

the beach gives me a good feeling  ---  makes me feel calm and  revitalized all at the same time.
This past week was no exception. 

Make no mistake ... we are there to work (in between all our fun:)

you see .....  we're all doing the same project......
but there's room for individual expression

wouldnt you love for this to be your garden,
and walk right out to the beach?

where else can you hear someone say,
"Oh, your rust is lovely" ???

It can be a special time for mother/daughter bonding
Miss Opal is 95!!

this mother/daughter team met in the middle --
one came from way south, and one from the north

I got a wonderful, warm surprise from the group ..
still floating on air

there's time for special friendships to grow...

and then there's the picture that says it all.....
(Thanks, Bert)
happy friends and the ocean air
See you next year...

If you are interested in joining our class,
look for registration information at


  1. I guess I'll be the first---I was one of that group of 11/11 seminar and it was great fun but we learned a lot and even veteran painters there learned something new! (almost said OLD veterans LOL).

    Ros seems always "UP" and never depressed or "down" and she always has big smiles to bring anyone who is in a funk out of one.

    The ocean behaved and even showed off a little with some nice white-caps just to remind us "he" was there! The weather was perfect all week and we even got in a trip to the beautiful Norfolk Botanical Garden.

    The people there are very friendly and happy to answer garden questions.

    I really do love to paint---it's a great way to cover up (forget) pain, or stress. Ros and her philosophy of "any mistake you make--we can fix it" just lets you relax and get that brush moving.

  2. Wow, everyone is so talented!
    Beautiful work ladies...although I am sure it did not feel like work to you. :)

  3. Look's like everyone had a lot of fun creating some lovely pieces! Success! Good job, Brenda.

  4. It is always a joy to paint with Ros and Thanks to Brenda, it is in a lovely location.

  5. Love this post! Loved the week at the beach! We are so thankful to have you as the "caretaker" of us all. Your the best thank you! And see you next year :)

  6. Brenda, thanks for sharing. What a beautiful experience -- just like you!

  7. Very talented group of artists..what a wonderful gift...Brenda tks for sharing.... 11.14.11

  8. What a wonderful way to show off the great week we had at the beach.
    As always, had a fabulous time.
    Great job!!!

  9. Lost my first comment I think... Loved the week with you all and look forward to seeing you next time. Thanks Brenda for a great job... love the photos of everyone.